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The Good Life – Words by É. Cassia Trop-Longinus

  Platonic, Stoic, & Epicurean Philosophy É. Cassia Trop-Longinus John Cabot University Roma, Italia 2016 All copyright is the property of E Cassia Trop Longinus Over the centuries, many philosophers have debated, while their thoughts and theories have come and gone. From the first philosopher, Thales of Miletus,[1] to the cynics, philosophy became a figure […]

READ: Chapter 11 – FIRST SPEAR RUDIMENTA – By Brent Nielsen.

Chapter Eleven “…the Provost Marshal can punish corporally, then and there, any person below the rank of NCO who in his view, or that of any of his assistants, commits any breach of good order and military discipline. Punishment not to exceed 30 lashes…and to be inflicted with the regulation cat. Field Service Pocket Book […]

READ: Chapter 10 – First Spear Rudimenta – By Brent Neilsen

Chapter Ten “Art thou officer? Or art thou base, common and popular?” Act VI, Scene 1  Henry V William Shakespeare   For most of the afternoon Tribune Lucius Aurunculeius Cotta had stationed himself near First Spear Petronius to observe pugio training between the Evocatii and the tiros of the 2nd Cohort. Although he and First […]

READ: Chapter Nine – FIRST SPEAR RUDIMENTA – By Brent Neilsen

The veterans were drawn up in a dense mob. “Mob is right,” exclaimed Gaditicus with a whistle. There was no other word for it. As far as Crastinus could see there was absolutely no resemblance to the precisely ordered and disciplined formation the tiros had witnessed the day they were sworn in. It was the […]

READ: Chapter 8 – FIRST SPEAR RUDIMENTA – Brent Neilsen.

Chapter Eight To be struck, to be threatened, to be called indecent names, to be drilled by yourself in front of the squad in order to make a fool of you…to have your ear spat into, to be marched across the parade ground under escort, to be falsely accused in front of an officer and […]


  One of the first things Milo had to do upon his enlistment in the Army…was to quickly learn… and to speak- (Though not ever to write)- a whole new dialect of English…the slang, the depthless crudities, the euphemisms, the scatological references, the slurs, the obscenities and blasphemies that went a long way toward making […]

Finding Agrippina – By Persephone Vandegrift

Writing about women in Ancient history Agrippina the Elder: 14BC –33AD, granddaughter of Augustus, wife of Germanicus (d 19AD). In 29 AD, she was accused of treason and sexual deviancy and was sentenced to death to the isle of Pandataria where she also lost an eye to blow from a centurion after protesting her incarceration. […]

READ: Chapter 6 – FIRST SPEAR RUDIMENTA – By Brent Nielsen.

Chapter Six Forgiveness is often easier than permission. LTC Jose “Joe” Alvarez Lucius Aurunculeius Cotta brushed aside the Governor’s Lictors and some military sentries commanded by a junior Contubernalis. “An ensign who should be assigned to me,” he growled. Storming through the building with the futilely protesting young ensign in his wake, he located the […]


Chapter Five “Speaking roughly, you must employ either blackguards or gentlemen or, best of all blackguards commanded by gentlemen, to do butcher’s work with efficiency and dispatch.” Kipling   “That was pathetic! Stand at ease! Take a knee!  Pro Denuo!  We review it all over again!” Carfulenus grabbed the nearest tiro, once again Bacculus. The […]